Foot Golf

Thank you for your interest in Foot Golf at Steel Canyon Golf Club!
Unfortunately we are closed for the season.
Bring your own ball or ask about ball rentals.
Please mark this page or follow our Facebook page to keep updated on the exact date of reopening.

Foot Golf Comes to Atlanta

Get a new kick out of golf when you play Foot Golf at Steel Canyon Golf Club. Originating in the Netherlands, Foot Golf has created a sensation worldwide. Foot Golf is played with a soccer ball on a golf course, using separate greens and a larger hole. The goal? Get the ball in the hole with the fewest kicks possible.



  • for Adults.
  • for kids under 15.
  • Bring your own ball or for a ball rental.
  • 18 Foot Golf holes mixed in among the front 9 of the golf course.
  • No cleats allowed.  Tennis shoes or indoor turf shoes only.
  • Available Monday – Friday from 10 – 10:30. Footgolf is currently not available on the weekends.
  • For weekday reservations, call 770-390-0424.